Sunday, 7 October 2012


Guess it's a compliment when someone copies your work but it doesn't feel like it when someone does a workshop then starts selling poor copies of your work at vintage and craft fairs. If they don't have JH on them they are not mine unless she is forging my initials as well.

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  1. Hello Jill, It is annoying if people copy but if you teach a workshop or put your work out there it happens. I say to workshop participants if you reproduce my work can you acknowledge it, say where you got the ideas and pattern from because it makes it nicer for everyone. I teach everyday my patterns and adaptations and acknowledge an ideas form other artists encouraging students to visit websites, read and show appreciation. The world is now a big exhibition and I show and teach my work in and find that like you although the item may have an essence of us it is not a true likeness. As artists we have to look on the positive and share, we do not know where are influence travels to and what effect it has. Best wishes Jane