Thursday, 20 January 2011

Felt roses

This week I have been making felt roses, I use merino fleece tops finely layered in a disk shape about the size of a dinner plate, they are felted together with a little silk to add luster and texture. When the felt disk is dry I cut into it half way and twist the felt into a rose shape, I add a felted wool bow and a brooch back.  I have made about 24, in batches of 4 in each colourway, that's one for each gallery, some are already in  Radford Gallery Stone and Gallery at 12 Eccleshall, the rest are waiting for a trip to the Tania Holland Gallery Bridgnorth and the  craft cabinets at the Museum and gallery in Newcastle- under-Lyme.  They are photographed on a Christmas jumper my Mum gave me, I felt the texture made a good backdrop. Next time I make some I will photograph the different felting processes.
Here are some photos of them.
These were photographed in the evening with a flash, I think I will have another go in daylight and no flash.
There also yellow, blue and black and red ones but have not photographed them yet.

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